The ministry of Fluent in Faith was birthed after witnessing others and personally experiencing challenges with unfavorable outcomes. The obstacles evoked righteous indignation in me to go before God for answers. The result from time spent in His Word was that a faith immersion was needed; purposeful time set apart to dive in; discover and rediscover what it takes to please God.  This symposium is being held to guide God's children towards the development of the measure of faith given them.  We are often operating in multiple demanding roles that can be daunting if we fail to tap into the many promises of God.  God has directed me to a dynamic group of women from varying backgrounds to join me in disrupting the enemy's plan to keep us from obtaining God's best.


Temesha Lockhart is a distinguished teacher and conference speaker. 

Working alongside her husband, Dr. Andrew Lockhart, they pastor Abundant Life Church International in Matthews, N.C.

Mrs. L, as she is affectionately called by the ministry, is committed to empowering women, children, and families to connect and grow strong with a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. This commitment and passion led her to begin Fluent in Faith, which is geared towards inspiring and supporting women in the development of their faith to conquer life’s daily challenges.

Mrs. L is a trailblazer with many talents and has accepted the call on her life to usher God’s children out of darkness by helping families develop their faith muscle.